What is FStormRender

FStormRender has been developing since June 2015 by PinkSoft. FStormRender is a new GPU powered, unbiased render with good performance / quality trade. It is very simple, fast and realistic with convenient materials and light sources.

FStormRender has many unique features such as improved tone mapping, light sampling, glossy reflection shader, glare effects, improved raytracer and optimized qmc sampling. See Features for more details.

3ds max plugin has deep integration and supports all necessary features. Build-in scene converter easily and carefully converts any scene from Corona, VRay and Octane renders. Very simple and flexible API allows developers to make other 3d applications plugins.

Commercial version will be available in Autumn 2016 with monthly and yearly subscription. Approximate price is 20 Euro per month.


29 July 2016 New Zealand High Court has registered Otoy New Zealand claim NO. VIC-2016-404-1773 in the matter of Copyright infringement and breach of confidence between Andrey Kozlov and Otoy New Zealand
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Motion blur is fully supported. The latest stable version with motion blur support 0.2.1b

UltraRender supports FStormRender.
Since 2012 Ultra Render provides GPU servers remote rental services. Simple and cost effective solution for increasing GPU rendering capabilities of your studio.

Displacement and motion blur development has been started and will take about 1-2 months to be done. Any major updates are not expected during this period. The latest stable version with fully functional FStorm camera, light lister, environment importance samping and rounded edges can be downloaded here 0.1.15a

Material absorption and SSS are available in 0.1.6a version.

Interactive render (RT) is available now in 0.1.2 version.
FStormRender YouTube acount is available.

After 2 weeks of heavy modeling the free benchmark scene is done and available for downloading for free!
Please visit the forum topic for more details

FStormRender is available for beta testing!
Please visit downloads section and our forum.